We bring business owners and business experts together to solve problems.


We bring business owners and business experts together to solve problems.


We bring business owners and business experts together to solve problems.


We bring business owners and business experts together to solve problems.

Assessments: Knowledge is half the battle

If you are like most business owners, you probably focus on the parts of your business that you can see and understand.

But research shows that the visible or tangible parts of a company are not the main drivers of your success. In fact, 72% of what determines your company’s success is intangible. You can’t touch it. You can’t see it. And you probably aren’t managing it.
Success, learn, lead

Kaart is proud to offer Innermetrix assessments – the most sophisticated and practical assessment tools available to help you understand and lead your organization.

These tools offer insights into your organization that will increase you ability to see your company’s tangible and intangible assets. The better you see these assets, the better you are able to use it. The more you use them, the more effective and successful you become.

You and your staff can complete them online or on paper. And results are usually available within 24 hours. We can meet with you in person or over the phone to discuss your results and plan your next steps.

The Business Health Checkupinvestigates 55 areas necessary for optimum performance of any business. The study also determines the extent of workforce alignment with your company’s objectives and culture. The results of the Business Health Checkup will clearly identify areas to be targeted for improvement and reinforcement. Your business health and workforce alignment scores, with measurable results in 11 different key performance areas, including: personal, personnel, employee alignment, team utilization, leadership, planning, service, sales, marketing, operations, and financial.  The results of the assessment will enable you to develop a long-term plan for business improvement with sustainable growth. Workforce Alignment correlates the findings of a recentCornell University study in human resource management with high performance companies. The combined output indicates the degree of current and future business vitality and sustainability.

Pro-Active Styles™  When people discover their own unique behavior styles, they take the first step toward working more collaboratively with their managers, team members, and fellow employees. Until now, behavioral assessment reports contained pages of graph plotting points, making them difficult for the layperson to understand. The reports failed to engage people or, worse, caused a feeling of defensiveness. Meet Pro-Active Styles™, named for the unique features that cause people to take action to use their behavioral preferences to their maximum potential.

Pro-Active Values™   Discovering individual values – the drivers and motivators – is an essential element in creating winning teams and highly effective one-on-one relationships in the workplace. The Pro-Active Values™ report is the only report in the marketplace that reveals training, professional development and learning insights about the participant. This helps training departments create training programs that will be effective for learners. According to recent studies, companies that obtain a values “pulse” on the organization foster a climate of productivity. The operative dynamic for successful teams is values. When values are understood, appreciated and respected, there is a substantial reduction of on-the-job conflicts between people and among team members.

Pro-Active Stress Check™  If an organization could minimize the negative aspects of stress in the workplace and help to positively channel the energy of those employees who seem to “thrive on stress,” how much more productive would the organization be? That’s the concept behind Pro-Active Check™, an assessment tool that encourages people to become active agents in coping with unavoidable pressures. Based on research that began in 1982 with thousands of individuals, it has been a powerful instrument for companies that promote wellness and want people to attain a level of optimal human performance.

Attribute Index™ Profile Series.  A thinking styles profile that measures how a person think and makes decisions in one of six core dimensions, along 80 individual competencies or “attributes” pertinent to personal and professional success. When it comes to understanding WHY a person performs the way they do, there is nothing more powerful than the Attribute Index. It truly is the Science of Coaching. Specific reports include: Leadership, Management, Sales, Sales Management, Customer Service, Health Care Worker, General Employment, IT, and Emotional Quotient, as well as customized profile creation availability. It is the ability to customize almost every aspect of the content of an Attribute Index profile that makes it the most powerful profile on the market today!

Team Effectiveness Survey™ Align your teams to work towards the same objectives, and watch team productivity flourish! Today’s progressive organization relies on high quality Team Performance to get the Job done. Getting the members of a team aligned and all working on the same objectives using the combined skills in the team is essential to achieving that performance level. The Team Effectiveness Survey measures six key team effectiveness areas that reveal 19 components of a peak performing team: Vision and Goals, Capability, Support, Measurement, Autonomy and Innovation, and Performance. These unique process-driven measures are rated from the viewpoint of the team leader as well as the team member. This diversity of view is the key ingredient in helping you to correct any deficiencies in the Team’s performance. Do the members of the team see things the same way as the leader? Do the team members see the same issues? The Team Effectiveness Survey helps you find out the answers to these questions and points a way forward so that answer can become “YES”! 

The IMX Team InnerView process allows you to identify and understand the individual thinking and decision-making styles of an entire team to increase overall team performance. Teams can be powerful creators of value for an organization. Through them a company can achieve performance no individual alone could deliver. At the same time, teams can be highly difficult, inefficient centers of frustration that not only fail to create value, but also can actually detract from it. Functional or otherwise, one thing is true…companies are forever dependent on them. The balance and fit of the members of a team are what determine success or failure. Fail to balance talents, skills and knowledge that complement each other and you create a monster that can be more destructive than constructive. The IMX InnerView process delivers quantitative information about these intangible aspects of a team that can be leveraged to create more effective and efficient teams.

CareerEvolution is the world’s first fully automated coaching and development program. It delivers 80% of the benefit of an executive coach, at 10% of the cost, and for unlimited numbers of people. Traditional coaching or training is expensive. The cost of professionals, travel and time away from the job is considerable. This is why every large organization struggles with the cost of deploying superior personal development widely. Yet, enlightened organizations realize that talent exists everywhere in the organization, not just at the highest levels. InnerTalent's patent pending approach combines the power of the Internet with the best personal development technology available today. By automating the best practices of top coaches, we can offer highly effective personal development programs tied to your organization's unique requirements. Now you can do more to help more people be all they can be.

utomated SWOT Analysis.  SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning tool used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or in a business venture. It involves specifying the objective of the business venture or project and identifying the internal and external factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achieving that objective. The technique is credited to Albert Humphrey, who led a research project at Stanford University in the 1960s and 1970s using data from Fortune 500 companies. The key is to be able to create a strategic plan that allows the company to: USE each strength, STOP each weakness, EXPLOIT each opportunity and DEFEND against each threat.

Benchmarking Customer Service Competence™  Under-contacted, under-serviced customers give fewer referrals, make fewer purchases less frequently... all while entertaining competitors’ offers and taking their business to them more often. More than ever before, companies prioritize quality customer service as a critical goal for the entire organization. Sustainable gains in the quality of customer service are a worthy objective, but measurement must come first. Benchmarking Customer Service Competence™ allows the company to profile individual and organizational performance against a sound Customer Service Competence Model that was developed with 20 different organizations in government and private sectors around the world.

CHECKpoint ™  Is it time to take a pulse on your organization? Comprehensive surveys are excellent, but they are expensive to administer and time-consuming for employees. So what do you do when it’s time to get a reading on critical areas of corporate health, but you want to do it in a low cost, quick and easy way? Some companies use CHECKpoint to bridge the gap to their next full-scale organizational survey. Others say that CHECKpoint delivers everything a company would want to know about motivation, satisfaction, the inspiration of leadership, and how people feel about serving internal and external customers. In only 25 questions that can be completed online in 10 minutes, you can establish an important checkpoint on the health of your company. But don’t let its simplicity fool you. Beneath this pulse beats the heart of rigorous design, based on the work of two of the most influential psychologists of our time: D. C. McLelland and F. Hertzberg.

FACTS and FLOW™ is a tool that provides goals for realistic improvement and helps you understand the changes required for improving organizational performance. You may use benchmarking to identify and rectify problems, implement strategic change initiatives, or for continuous improvement. The primary rationale for benchmarking is the desire to maintain or regain a competitive market position. All businesses need reliable ways of assessing the relative performance of operations in order to be able to set overall priorities and strategies. Benchmarking can assist managers improve the quality of their performance information. Such improvements can, in turn, help organizations better meet external and internal accountability requirements.

Family Business Profile™  is specifically designed to address issues common to family owned and family operated businesses. The evaluation quantifies 16 key metrics in four major categories. A family business has the added challenges of the interaction of spouses, siblings, parents, and children working in roles that may differ from the traditional family structure. This evaluation explores areas of roles, communication, ownership, succession, and integrating family issues with business operations. The failure to adequately address the unique dynamics that exist within a family owned business is the primary reason that only 30% of businesses survive to the second generation and that only 10% continue into the third generation. 

High Performance Team Index™  Traditional team building activities have focused primarily on relationships. By contrast, the HPTI has a six-dimensional approach, covering all aspects of team productivity. While strong relationships among team members are important, success in companies today depends on the output of teams and committees. Few managers or executives have the complete skill set or answers to handle complex projects or new products and services on their own. So, teams are charged with increasingly stretching goals. Operational effectiveness and high performance become critical. The High Performance Team Index is based on three years of global research and test marketing with senior executive teams. The gaps discovered in the survey lead to a two-day Team Development workshop that is effective because participants are highly involved in creating action plans around the six key issues that distinguish high performing teams. survey)

IT User Satisfaction Survey™  Uncover the gap between IT provider’s perceptions of their service, compared to their customers, and improve satisfaction levels! It doesn't matter whether the IT provider is internal or external, it is important for them to know what their customers really think of their service. To identify customer’s current level of satisfaction and be aware of changes in opinion, a Measure that accurately assesses user attitudes is needed. You can provide that valuable measure to your IT provider clients with the IT User Satisfaction Survey. Using a Likert-type scale, this technique measures the difference between importance and satisfaction, providing a single measurement for each attribute.

Leadership Benchmark™  Leaders exhibit marked differences in individual traits, habits, competencies, styles, values and skills. Yet leaders have one thing in common: they achieve results and create conditions that encourage others to follow. Most research and assessment tools in the area of leadership development concern themselves with contributions that leaders make – their input. The Leadership Benchmark™ is unique because of its focus on the gains that leaders achieve – their output. Because of this approach, current and future leaders can make a realistic judgment about the impact their leadership has on the company and on others in the company. Their assessment becomes an important personal benchmark as well as a catalyst for organizational growth.

Management Competency Assessment™ The ability of one group – the management team – is particularly critical to the success of any organization. To improve managerial skill, an individual must link his or her knowledge of current effectiveness to an appropriate personal learning and development plan, with periodic reassessment of those benchmarks over time. Until now, companies lacked a means to link performance with learning and development. The Management Competency Assessment was developed with organizations over a ten-year period to provide a unique and effective answer to the performance-development dilemma. The end product is a comprehensive profiling tool that enhances not only the evaluation process of the company but also its bottom line results.

Management Skills Inventory™  In today’s organization, Managers have to cover a wider range of issues than ever before. Globalization, immediate access to information, increasing legislative compliance, the knowledge levels of people they manage, and speed-of-change are all issues that increase the complexity of the Managerial Process. The Management Skills Inventory is an online 360-degree profiling tool that gives Managers a view of both their current skill level, and of the expected skill level, for the job they do from a self, manager, peer, and direct report perspective. By showing Managers the gap between current and Expected, and focusing their attention on the opportunities for development, The Management Skills Inventory enables Managers to rapidly bring their competence to a level that will enable them to meet the challenges of this fast changing environment.

The Organizational Health Check™  Just as an individual needs to get a checkup from their physician when things don’t feel right, businesses too need a comprehensive analysis to help them understand why things aren’t working to the level they are expected to be. The IMX Organizational Health Check is a program of comprehensive analysis of your organization’s overall health that looks at a broad spectrum of indices (e.g., financial, management, operations, customers, marketing, sales). It delivers back to the business owner and the consultant the metrics they need to isolate any problems and start correcting them immediately. With three varying levels designed to meet a wide variety of need in both scope and size, if something doesn’t feel right, get it checked out with the appropriate level Organizatinal Health Check.

A.Q.U.A.® is a unique process designed to measure the investment risks and returns of assets such as closely held businesses and real estate in order to analyze the overall holdings of the business and assess risks. A.Q.U.A.® is a proprietary process designed to examine the business asset within a portfolio of holdings. Most business owners have the largest portion of their net worth in the business asset. While risk and return factors are readily available for the publicly traded assets, the privately held business receives no scrutiny on such factors. Innermetrix help companies to have access to such calculated variables. We use the process to model trends in business cycles and project future levels of profitability and returns on equity. It also allows us to determine the risk/return efficiency of company assets. This is a useful tool in determining cost of capital, calculating valuation models, and deciding where excess capital is best invested.