Our History

Redevelopment of Slopeside at Powderhorn begins.

Preliminary planning and design for 702 Main begins.

734 Main fully leased within 9 months.

Kaart acquires Ciavonne, Roberts & Associates in Western Colorado.

Moved into new headquarters at 734 Main, occupying top two floors.

Maintained all staff levels throughout pandemic.

Continued construction on 734 Main without delay.

Built software engineering team.

Opened San Francisco Office.

Began construction of 734 Main, Phase II of GJ Tech District.

Travel throughout Southeast Asia and South America.

Opened Seattle office.

Moved into expanded offices at 750 Main.

Added machine learning editing team.

Completed imagery collection in Central America.

Acquired 750 Main and began remodel of phase I of GJ Tech District.

Expansion of imagery collection through the entire Caribbean region

Traveled to Costa Rica for street level imagery collection.

Kaart Group, LLC was formed to streamline operations.

Expanded imagery and data collection.

Over 85 countries listed in webstore. More than 250,000 customers.

Expansion of data collection techniques, including street level imagery.

Data collection in Barbados.

Humanitarian mapping in Haiti after earthquake.

Aaron quit day job and focused full time on GPSTravelMaps.com.

Kaart Data, LLC was formed for mobile app development and data licensing.

Began collecting GIS data in Central America while traveling.

Aaron returned to the United States, continued publishing and selling maps in more than 20 countries.

Created additional maps for Costa Rica, Barbados, Guatemala.

Opened online store.

Created first hiking maps of the Western Cape, South Africa and Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Created GPSTravelMaps.com website and offered maps for download.

He began generating map data and organizing tools for Garmin GPS map creation.

Aaron moved to Cape Town, South Africa and created a map of the city for personal use.

Aaron backpacked through Guatemala and Peru. Discovered GPS device didn't have local maps.