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Who is KAART?

We aim to provide exceptional GIS analytics, product development and data collection services. Over the past decade, Kaart has provided mapping expertise and documentation to become one of the leaders in collecting, editing, and analyzing GIS data all over the world. While Kaart has several editing and development teams working on multiple successful and ongoing projects in capturing and editing navigational data internationally, we are here to serve you and distinguish a mutually beneficial relationship.

Kaart consultants collaborate with stakeholders and clients to build and understand the project scope and application; assemble system requirements; perform geospatial analysis and/or develop with a geospatial database; and deliver a geospatial information product or service for practical and continual use.  We develop a complete workflow plan for the design, testing and final implementation of the project. GIS Analysts will work directly with the client to scope existing work activities and core processes and assess the organization’s needs before designing and testing a new application, perform an analysis, or create another type of geospatial information product.

Areas of work


  1. Environmental Management
  2. Infrastructure Development
  3. Municipal Efficiency
  4. Asset Management
  5. Business Consulting
  6. Cartography


  1. Field Collection
  2. Cartographic Design
  3. Data Management
  4. Modeling
  5. Network Analysis
  6. Customized Tools
  7. Data Visualization


Our GIS staff tasked to your project includes professionals with combined industry and advanced educational experience of over 40 years. Kaart utilizes a full suite of geoprocessing tools and methodology in our project cycles. We are experienced in the study, selection, acquisition and organization of multispectral satellite imagery as they provide efficient methods to map and monitor environmental dynamics that may go undetected otherwise. Kaart’s work with different types of satellite imagery has brought a deep understanding of all levels of imagery so we can provide insightful recommendations for data acquisition in terms of a source’s cost-effectiveness, efficiency, reliability and suitability for a particular purpose. We have implemented change detection algorithms, both standard and experimental, and have created custom tools to provide streamline efficiency to a specific project’s needs. These projects have made real-time analysis of climate related impacts, found historical trends and therefore provided information to model future impacts.


Kaart is also experienced in doing groundwork that can be supplemental to analyses with satellite images. In addition to image processing, we offer services in ground imagery collection, and are the top contributor to Mapillary, the open source street-level imagery platform. Our groundwork for Mapillary has led us to work in the Caribbean islands for the years 1996 – 1998. We additionally operate imagery collection flights using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). These services are continually offered to our clients when they are cost-effective, valuable and efficient.

client confidence


Innovation is in our DNA.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with solutions to the ever-changing trends and requirements in the evolving GIS industry.


Our clients come first.

We work efficiently, providing the best possible solutions while meeting budgetary and timeline requirements.


Communication is our foundation. Our team works closely with each client, guiding them through the entire process, ensuring that expectations are not only met, but also exceeded.


Your success is our success.

We treat each project and every client with individualized care. From the start of the project to its completion, our team is your team.

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We are always looking for opportunities to take on new projects and challenges. We are confident in our ability to adapt our team workflow to fit your specific needs. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you accomplish your goals.

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