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Graphic Editor for MapCss

  • Fully Customized MapCss Styling

  • Simple & Easy To Use Interface

  • Save, Modify, And Share Custom Stylesheets

Why does Kaart use GEM to generate QA/QC paint styles?

"GEM is a powerful tool for our teams to utilize. It makes our individual editors work stand out in a way that no other paint style can. It not only lets our editors work visually stand apart from community edits, but also from the other editors on the team. This helps our editors keep track of what they have worked on and aids the quality control process by showing which nodes and ways an individual editor has adjusted or added. GEM being fully customizable allows for easy updates as our teams change and grow."

-Gwendolyn Huffman, Sneffels Team Project Manager

Features Overview

Why you should use GEM to create and edit custom paint styles for your next OSM project

Create And Edit Custom MapCss Files

Create, modify and combine paint styles

Personalized Styling For Every Editor

Select node and way highlights for each team member

Unique Highlights for Nodes and Ways

Choose the shape, size and color of all node and way highlights

Endless Styling Combinations

Infinite styling combinations for your paint style

Save & Share Your Paint Style

Export and share your custom MapCss file with others

Intuitive JOSM Integration

Files are JOSM ready and changes can be displayed automatically